Van Herwijnen Kreston: Knowing You

Van Herwijnen Kreston has been a trusted partner for its customers for 35 years. Our diverse range of specialisations is unique; ranging from accountancy and strategic business advice, tax advice and administrative services to acquisitions and valuations. Having all these specialisations under one roof means we can offer our customers a total package. Daily personal contact with our customer means we know what is going on with them at a business level but often also privately. This means we can always respond quickly to opportunities and developments and support the customer as much as possible.


Our customers are entrepreneurs who are sole proprietorship, regional SMEs and large national and international players. Due to the different specialisations, our customer is always directly connected to the broad knowledge of our experts. Because of the personal contact and our in-house knowledge, we know our customer inside out. Our slogan is therefore not without reason: Knowing You.

With our firm, we belong to the international network of Kreston International.

About us


Our firm consists of approximately 60 employees, but our vision is to further develop in our industry. Optimising our services to your wishes is the essence of our customer relationship. Together with our professionals, we support every kind of entrepreneur with regards to finance and taxes.


We are there for the small business owners, but also for the international entrepreneurs in the region. It’s not about big or small, but about you. Van Herwijnen Kreston focusses on every entrepreneur. We think it is important to create a bond with you, because that makes collaboration efficient and successful. By collaboration we mean discussing the choices you as an entrepreneur must or can make. You have one contact person with us, because personal contact and trust in each other is the basis for fruitful cooperation. Achieving your goals is what we do it all for! #KnowingYou