Do you want to provide future-oriented direction to your company? Then a clear insight into the financial status of your company is a must. A valuable instrument to do so is properly prepared financial statements, not only for the tax authorities and the bank, but particularly for you as an entrepreneur.

Medium and large companies are required to have their financial statements audited by a WTa-certified accountant and have an audit opinion drawn up. This audit is also necessary for, for example, financing conditions, subsidy conditions, memberships of business organisations and special schemes.

Even if you, as an entrepreneur, are not required to have an audit carried out, an expert look at the financial statements has great advantages. You will receive tailor-made advice, which will help you chart the course for your company even better. We completely take care of your finances.

Compiling financial statements

Having your financial statements done by Van Herwijnen Kreston provides you with an actual representation of your company results.

Financial statements audit

An audit of your financial statements is what we are good at.

Report on financial information

An accurate report required on your company's finances?

Drawing up a budget

As en entrepeneur you need to make a lot of decisions. We keep an eye out for the financial consequences.