Kreston International is a global network of more than 200 independent accountancy and consultancy firms in 125 countries that is home to more than 25,000 dedicated professionals. Kreston gives you access to top-quality advice and exceptional service wherever in the world you happen to do business. Kreston’s aim is to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We pursue and believe in strong and sustainable relationships.

In the Netherlands, eight accountancy and consultancy firms are affiliated with Kreston. Van Herwijnen Kreston is one of them. Together we act as Kreston Nederland. All strong in our own region but with the knowledge and skills to look further, together with you.

We can assist you with the following international issues:

  • Starting international business activities through collaboration with another company
  • Setting up a branch abroad
  • Covering legal risks abroad
  • Cross-border work
  • Subsidies
  • International financing



If we can be of help with one of these international issues we would be happy to contact you!