Outsourcing your payroll accounting

An entrepreneur with personnel has to make out a payslip for their employees every month. The calculation from gross salary to net salary is made on this payslip. In addition, social insurance premiums are calculated in salary processing. A payroll accounting system must be created containing the personal data and salary of your personnel.

As an entrepreneur, you often do not have time to delve into all the legislation and regulations that apply to payroll. That is why you can outsource the accounting to Van Herwijnen Kreston.


We have three different packages for outsourcing your payroll accounting:

  • The King package. You outsource your entire payroll accounting to us;
  • The Horse package. Here you enter the changes in the salary accounting yourself and you outsource the detailed check to us;
  • The Pawn package. You do the payroll accounting yourself and you outsource the January and December check to us;

We use the Loket.nl payroll package for payroll accounting. This package is fully online, which means it is possible to link to different planning packages. In addition, Loket.nl also allows linking to various accounting packages for online accounting, meaning the payroll journal entry is automatically entered every month.


If you want to outsource your payroll accounting, we would be happy to discuss matters with you to look at how you want to outsource your payroll to us.