Objection and appeal proceedings

The tax authorities may disagree with a submitted tax return and impose an assessment that deviates from the tax return. In that case you can file an objection to the assessment. We can help you do this. In the rare cases that we cannot resolve the matter with the tax inspector during the objection proceedings, we can also assist you in appeal proceedings before the tax court.

One of the most important things in objection proceedings is that the objection is submitted on time. As a rule, the objection period is six weeks. This period starts from the date of the assessment. If an objection is submitted outside this period, the tax authorities will still process the objection but you will forfeit all kinds of rights. It is therefore important to submit the objection on time.


Are objection proceedings necessary?
Usually, the tax authorities first announce the disputed matters and you have the opportunity to respond to them before the assessment is imposed.

If possible, we try to find a solution with the tax authorities without objection proceedings. This is more efficient and you quickly know where you stand. However, if this does not produce the desired result, we do not hesitate to cross swords with the tax authorities through objection proceedings.

What if an objection is dismissed and this is unjustified? Then it is possible to appeal the dismissal at the tax court. The way to the tax court is in itself easily accessible. But there are more formal rules to consider. If you do not want to get into appeal proceedings yourself, you can also leave it to us.

For both objection and appeal proceedings, we make an estimate with you in advance of the costs and the chance of success.